IntegraMed Fertility

IntegraMed® Fertility is a division of IntegraMed America. IntegraMed Fertility supports its provider networks with a range of services that can include clinical and business information systems, marketing and sales, facilities and operations management, finance and accounting, human resources, legal, risk management, quality assurance, and fertility treatment financing programs.

The Attain Fertilty® Programs are offered exclusively at practices that are members of IntegraMed Fertility’s Attain Fertility Network. The network is comprised of 39 centers at 153 locations across 32 states and the District of Columbia.

IntegraMed Fertility’s consumer brand, Attain Fertility®, provides fertility patients information and support through its website and social media communities.

IntegraMed America (INMD)

IntegraMed America, Inc. (INMD) is a leader in developing, marketing, and managing specialty outpatient healthcare facilities, with a current focus on the fertility markets. IntegraMed is a privately-held company by Sagard Capital.

Sagard Capital

Sagard Capital is a long-term investor in public and private small and mid-sized companies. Sagard Capital is an evergreen fund with an indefinite holding period for its investments. Sagard specializes in flexible equity structures in minority and control positions that best address a company’s needs. Sagard partners with management teams committed to driving long-term value, through a combination of capital, a global network of relationships, a team built to deliver value-added support, and a focus on building strong, sustainable leading businesses over the long term. Additional information may be found at .

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