The IntegraMed Fertility management team brings decades of experience and thought leadership that guide the company’s direction.

Executive Committee

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Chris Throckmorton

Chris is IntegraMed Fertility’s Chief Executive Officer, responsible for overseeing all strategic, business, and operational aspects of the largest network of fertility practices across North America.
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Shannon Delage

Shannon, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Product Development, Integration, and Technology, is responsible for supporting marketing, sales, and growth strategy of IntegraMed and its network of partner practices with the aim of providing access and excellent care to infertility patients to fulfill their dreams of family.
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Greg Radke

Executive Vice President. As General Counsel, Greg is responsible for management of IntegraMed Fertility’s legal and risk management functions and services across the operations of both the company and its network of physician practices.
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Pamela T.  Schumann

President, Strategic Initiatives. Pam has responsibility for delivering a full suite of financial services to improve patient access to IVF treatment throughout the IntegraMed Fertility Network.
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Sheri Raymer

President of Operations. Sheri is responsible for working with partner practice leadership, including physician, to develop and implement coordinated strategies designed to deliver top line growth.

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Tom Miller

Chief Technology Officer. Tom is a senior technology executive with over 20 years of global experience in design and delivery of technology solutions to support international growth and expansion.