Our Physician Advisory Board, formed in 2012, consists of peer-elected physician representatives from our partner practices. The committee provides education to IntegraMed Fertility and its Board of Directors on emerging clinical practice issues that impact the business, ensures there is open and ongoing dialogue, and helps IntegraMed Fertility prioritize its investments.

It’s my pleasure to announce that we have our winners for the newly-formed AFC Physician Advisory Committee to the Board. David Hoffman will serve as the East Coast Representative; Bill Yee will serve as the West Coast Representative; and Michael Levy will be the Representative at Large.

Dr. Cristin Slater has recently been elected to the Physician Advisory Board (“PAB”) to represent the network practices with 500 or fewer retrievals per year. Dr. Slater has published numerous publications in medical journals and is President-Elect for the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society in 2018.  She is also a clinical professor at the University of Washington, hosting both medical students and residents at her fertility clinic.  She was one of the  founders of the UFC fertility clinic but now spends 100% of her time at the Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine.

Current committee members include: