Look around you: 1 in 8 couples you see is struggling with infertility; too often alone and too often in silence.

IntegraMed is on a mission to change this. Every day, we strive to inspire greater empathy for those struggling with infertility. For many of us, it hits close to home. Some of us have faced our own struggles trying to conceive. Many of us have witnessed the emotional pain infertility can cause through our friends & family.

To the 7+ million individuals suffering from this disease, National Infertility Awareness Week® (NIAW) is our chance to come together and communicate a message of understanding, share a feeling of support, and relay a promise of hope. Won’t you join us?

About the Campaign

One Goal

IntegraMed colleagues, friends & families are sharing their knowledge and showing their support for the cause not only during National Infertility Awareness Week®,  but all month long.

One Message

From social media campaigns to team walks across the country, the hashtag #HaveAHeart will be used to identify and unify our message.

One Color

The signature #HaveAHeart orange – a color that has symbolized fertility since ancient times – is a unique combination of red (love) and yellow (happiness) intended to be uplifting, hopeful and easily recognizable.

One Team

By joining forces to activate our network of thousands, we are able to amplify our message and effect real change – raising awareness of infertility across the globe.