IntegraMed Fertility leverages best-in-class vendors within each of their areas of specialty in the business sector.

With, we have created a customized Patient Relationship Management (PRM) platform that is entirely unique to the infertility space. With PRM, we are able to track the patient experience from the first point of contact through booking and scheduling an appointment to attending an appointment and entering treatment. This level of precision allows us to demonstrate the lifetime value of a patient.

Our Management Team is frequently invited to speak at industry events about how IntegraMed Fertility utilizes cutting-edge technology to support our patient-centric approach that manages and optimizes the patient experience.

Marketo is our marketing automation platform partner that allows us to create personalized, custom emails and SMS communications to our patients. Marketo helps IntegraMed make each patient’s experience the best experience possible.

On behalf of our network clinics, we fund an annual subscription to, which allows physicians to create unlimited video content that can be used a patient acquisition and retention tool.

We provide our practices with the sales tools necessary to build a world-class sales team for their referral business. For our partner practices, we have funded a membership in the Corporate Executive Board’s Sales Leadership Roundtable (SLR), which gives them access to assessment tools, benchmarking reports, proven sales strategies, and much more.


Medallia offers dramatically improved features to enable practices keep driving improved patient experiences. There are three components to an effective operational customer experience management system. Capturing feedback from all your customers, across every channel. Transforming that data into insight, in real time. And then making it actionable for everyone across a company—from the c-suite, to the frontline.

Health Credit Services (HCS) is our trusted financing partner for patients undergoing fertility treatment.

HCS employs much care and consideration when providing our patients with fertility treatment financing opportunities. They make moving forward with fertility treatment fast and simple through affordable, accessible lending options.

Genus, Inc. (GENUS) is a global leader in transformative software solutions for the healthcare industry. Fundamental to this transformation is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Through innovative cloud-based products and services, Genus enhances patient relationships and individual patient journeys with their most valuable asset — information — in an agile, reliable, and cost-efficient way. Additional information about Genus can be found at